Dec 182013Sonic: Holiday Desserts Are Here!

MintShakes Sonic: Holiday Desserts Are Here!

We all get super busy around the holidays. Between the shopping, family dinners, holiday cards and everyday living, December is a crazy month. I always seem to find my center in desserts. I can’t get enough no matter the time of year. December is always special for me because of all the great special edition holiday desserts that come out to play. Right now Sonic has some amazing Cheesecake bites that are overwhelming with yummy goodness. They have the perfect combination of crunchy outside and a warm gooey middle. Perfect for a quick warm up in the colder weather! Drooling yet? I usually just get a 3 piece which is plenty because they are pretty rich. Unless of course you are sharing, which I never do.

 Sonic: Holiday Desserts Are Here!

My kids aren’t as crazy about cheesecake as I am, so thankfully Sonic has 2 other great holiday desserts. The Vanilla Holiday Mint Shake & the Chocolate Holiday Mint Molten Cake Sundae. Both made with real ice cream and a hint of mint. It’s hard to find good desserts made with real ice cream.  I think we will start a new holiday tradition in our family. Having an amazing dessert from Sonic while driving around to look at all of the beautiful Christmas lights. Sounds like a winner to me!

ChocolateMint Sonic: Holiday Desserts Are Here!HolidayShake Sonic: Holiday Desserts Are Here!

The Vanilla Holiday Milk Shake has an amazing mix of real vanilla ice cream, holiday mints, whip cream and more mints. Heaven in a cup for all mint lovers. The Chocolate Holiday Mint Molten Cake Sundae is just as amazing. Delicious molten chocolate cake, real ice cream, hot fudge (yes, more!), whipped cream and a nice cherry on top.

Of course these are just a few of the delicious item Sonic has to offer. They have a huge menu and something for everyone. If you have never been you should check it out. Take my word for it you won’t be disappointed. If you are a regular like myself be sure to check out the new holiday menu. After everything we just talked about, how could you not?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me for Sonic. All opinions are my own and are not edited or approved by Sonic

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