Apr 252013Kroger Coupons and Deals (4/24 – 4/30)

 Kroger Coupons and Deals (4/24   4/30)

Here are the Kroger deals for this week with special thanks to Couponing 101 for rounding them up.

Looking for coupons for items not listed above? Checkout the Saving with Shellie Coupon Database.

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  1. Hi. I am from Houston, Texas originally. I currently live in Colorado, but will soon be moving back to the greatest state ever, Texas! Austin to be exact. I have been keeping up with stores in Austin (particularly HEB, my favorite), but I can’t seem to find Kroger locations in Austin. Would you be able to tell me where all the Kroger’s are in Austin? I do a general search on their website, and have even looked on Yelp, but no luck. I notice that you put up price matches for Kroger, so I’m assuming there is one somewhere there. Thanks!

    Misplaced Texan

  2. Gotcha. Thanks! I will miss the Mega Events, but HEB makes up for it.