Dec 182013Huggies Pull-Ups® Coupon: Save Up to $3 Off!

HuggiesPullUps Huggies Pull Ups® Coupon: Save Up to $3 Off! Huggies Pull Ups® Coupon: Save Up to $3 Off!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pull-Ups® Training Pants.

Potty training is a huge step in toddler-hood! Not only does your child have to be ready, but you yourself have to be ready. I think the biggest way to achieve success is through patience. I waited until my son was almost three to get started and everything just clicked with him. It was so easy. He went from diapers to underwear and we really only need Pull-Ups® for night and nap. I’m really hoping that potty training the younger one will be equally painless.

Jack loves wearing Pull-Ups® Training Pants because they have his favorite characters on them. Right now packages have Toy Story, Cars and Monsters University characters. What little boy doesn’t love those? For those of you with girls don’t worry, they come in big girl fashion too. Pull-Ups® Training Pants also have an awesome “Cool Alert” to help teach them not to go in their pants. Genius! This is a big help to Jack at nap time.

With my Jack, I gave M&Ms when he had success. A few weeks into the process I was over it. I kept forgetting and he would remind me hours later, “Mama! You forgot to give me my M&M!” Did any of you have problems with this? It’s hard to figure out when to stop with the rewards! Thankfully his birthday was fast approaching. I told once he was 3, no more M&Ms. He’s my logical, rule following child so this was a perfect solution for us! However, I think next time I might do stickers instead.

If you are in the midst of potty training, do not miss using They offer potty training tips and tricks and even advice from other parents going through the exact same thing. On their site you will find a Big Kid Calendar where you are able to track your toddlers potty training progress. If you use stickers for rewards, they can easily display them on the calendar to see their own progress.

If you tend to be on the go a lot like we tend to be, download the new Big Kid® App. You will find it on specially marked packages of Pull-Ups®. It’s easy to use on any mobile device.

PullUps Huggies Pull Ups® Coupon: Save Up to $3 Off!

Another reason to love Pull-Ups® is that you can often find coupons to help you save a little. Right now Huggies has a Pull-Ups® coupon available on their website for a limited time. Once you create an account and login, you can save $2 off any one package of Pull-Ups® Training Pants. However, you can increase the value of the coupon to $3 off when you share the offer with your friends on social media. What potty training mom doesn’t need a $3 off Pull-Ups coupon. Start sharing!

Do you have any funny potty training stories or advice? I’d love to hear it as I gear up to potty train kiddo #2.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pull-Ups® Training Pants. Save up to $3 on your next purchase of Pull-Ups® by registering at the Pull-Ups® website:

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