Nov 042010Home Depot: Christmas Light Trade-In Event

HomeDepot 300x156 Home Depot: Christmas Light Trade In Event

Home Depot brought back their Christmas Lights promotion again this year! Take in your old Christmas lights and you’ll get a $3 coupon towards energy efficient LED Christmas Lights. Your lights can even be broken! The offer is limit 5 and expires 11/14. Last year, the LED Christmas lights were on sale for about $6 so they would be half off with the $3 coupon.

Do you hang Christmas lights outside or only on your tree?


  1. is the $3 coupon towards one purchase, or, can multiple $3 coupons be used towards one purchase?

  2. Lisa Camp says:

    The coupon will give you $3.oo off of 5 boxes. I bought 12 here in Oregon they were a little over $7. So we saved $36.00!