Jul 032013GIVEAWAY: HUGE #LibertyKids DVD Prize Pack

LibertysKids 209x300 GIVEAWAY: HUGE #LibertyKids DVD Prize Pack

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Winner: Sheri G.
Comment: Liberty means freedom to all be the best we are meant to be.

Happy Fourth of July! I have a really Patriotic Giveaway for you! On July 16th, Mill Creek will release Liberty’s Kids: The Complete Series on DVD and to celebrate I am hosting a fun essay content here on Saving WithShellie.

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First let me tell you a little bit about Liberty’s Kids. With this series kids get to travel back in time with Benjamin Franklin’s teenage reporters as they confront the real and physical dangers of the American Revolution. Trapped on opposite sides of the war – James an American colonist and Sarah a young English reporter are forced to choose between friendship and allegiance to their countries. All while they try to look after mischievous Henri, a French boy whose comical escapades constantly lead to trouble. Journey through history and discover the high points of the American Revolution through this fun and animated educational adventure!

This is an Emmy and Humanitas Award-nominated 40-episode, animated series. Liberty’s Kids features an amazing cast of voice talent including Walter Cronkite as Ben Franklin, Dustin Hoffman as Benedict Arnold, Annette Bening as Abigail Adams, Billy Crystal as John Adams, Michael Douglas as Patrick Henry, as well as General Norman Schwarzkopf, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ben Stiller, Whoopi Goldberg and many others.  Liberty’s Kids is not only great entertainment but important educational programming for kids ages 7 and up. Check out the trailer:

Now about giveaway: One very lucky Saving with Shellie reader will win a prize pack featuring not only the Liberty’s Kids Complete Series but also other Mill Creek titles. The prize pack includes:

PrizePack 300x143 GIVEAWAY: HUGE #LibertyKids DVD Prize Pack

GIVEAWAY: The way this contest works is a little different than giveaways in the past. You simply have to share “What Liberty Means to You.” You have four methods of entry. You can do one, two, three or all four. Mill Creek wants me to award the prize to the person with the “best” answer.

  • Entry #1: Leave a comment saying “What Liberty Means to You.”

You do NOT need to comment if you do the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram entries because I will follow based on the hashtag. You CAN use the same statement and/or picture for each entry.

Disclosure: This giveaway is a sponsored post by Mill Creek. This Giveaway will end at 11:59pm CT on Friday, 7/11/13. I will choose the winner with the best entry and they will be notified by email. You will have 48 hours to respond to the email to claim your prize. Otherwise a new winner will be chosen.



  1. Stephanie Grant says:

    To me liberty means never having to worry or live in fear of being persecuted for my religion and personal beliefs!! It also means that not only me but my son will be given the same opportunity to achieve a higher level of education and will have the same freedom as everyone else to live life to the fullest without fear!

  2. Mami2jcn says:

    Liberty to me means that I can homeschool my children and follow my heart!

  3. Mami2jcn says:

    I like you on Facebook as Mary Happymommy.

  4. Mami2jcn says:


  5. The men and woman who have served this country.

  6. Kim Fritz says:

    Liberty means the freedom and empowerment to pursue our individual dreams as well as provide for those who unable to enjoys these invaluable opportunities! To appreciate how exceptional our county is while also reaching to help others less fortunate To recognize our flaws but stand firm in the moral truths and pass these on to future generations. My father fought in the Korean War and considered this to be his life’s purpose and defining moment to help bring freedom to those who desperately wanted it.

  7. What Liberty Means to You = Freedom

    I thought it mean no taxation without representation but then I visited Washington D.C. and realized that the residents of D.C. pay taxes without representation.

  8. Kimberly McMillan says:

    Liberty Kids – What Liberty Means To You (Me):
    My husband and I took our 6 year old son to Washington D.C. last May because that is where he really wanted to visit! I was proud that it was his choice and that he wanted to learn everything he could about the memorials and monuments we were going to visit. I had no idea how much it would move me when we got there and watched him react to so many things that I had seen years before but had forgotten how powerful they were in person! At lunch on one of our last days there, we were finishing lunch and getting ready to go on a tour of the Capital building through Alaska State Senator Begich’s office when he began to talk about the fun things he had gotten to do. He mentioned most of the things that come to mind when we think about Washington D.C. but what he said he liked best about our trip was doing it with us. Wow! Let me remind you he is 6! It definitely made me realize that our country and our liberties may have begun with a large scale idea of what our country would stand for and represent in centuries to come but it also made me realize that our “liberty’ is decided by ourselves and our family make-up – how we treat each other and teach our children to treat others, how we educate our children on pride in the flag and roots deep in faith. WE are liberty! It is what we make of what we have been given from our forefathers that makes liberty truly mean something to us. Our country has had its ups and downs but the Statue of Liberty still stands proudly representing our true liberties and freedoms!

  9. cheryl n says:

    I’ve always thiught of myself as pretty patriotic until we invited two teens from the Democratic Republic of Congo into our home. Their views of freedom and thankfulness for America has given me new “eyes” into just how fortunate we are to be born here. To have such freedoms. To participate in government. To have choices. To value our servicemen and women. To choose our religion. God has truly blessed America

  10. steve weber says:

    Liberty is such a great freeing feeling.

  11. Liberty means freedom…to worship, live, work, and stand up for what’s right.

  12. Liberty means freedom

  13. sheri grennille says:

    liberty means freedom to all be the best we are meant to be.

  14. Maureen says:

    Liberty to our family means raising our children with our core beliefs and values while teaching them to respect our country and the brave men and women who have fought for their freedom!

  15. Maureen says:

    I liked your page on Facebook and commented!

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