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I love Soup Recipes. I don’t get to make soup as often as I’d like because the weather here in Texas doesn’t let us enjoy soup for long. However, if it’s cooling off where you live, check out these yummy soup recipes and whip one up for dinner this week!

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I love Slow Cooker Recipes. This Slow Cooker Baked Potato Soup has cream cheese in it so it’s super creamy!

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This Southwestern Soup is so easy! Dump 7 cans in, Heat, Garnish with Fritos, Cheese and Sour Cream, Devour!

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This Chicken, Bacon & Wild Rice Soup sounds like all kinds of wonderful! Texture, flavor and bacon, I’m in!

What do you top your soup with? We enjoy ours topped with French fried onions or a dollop of pesto. I’ve also seen grilled cheese croutons which is on the menu next time I make tomato soup. Yum!

pinit fg en rect gray 20 31 Hearty Soup Recipes

Want more yummy Soup Recipes? Check out my Soup Recipes Board on Pinterest!



  1. Which soup is in that first picture? It looks WONDERFUL!!

    • It’s the one right above the picture of Southwestern soup. I just chopped the parsley thinner and added some thick croutons I had leftover from a salad the day before.

  2. Thanks! I think I will have to try that one out very soon..

  3. Thanks for including my Mexican Chicken Stoup! This is a great collection :)
    Ang – Juggling Act Mama

  4. What a great collection! Thanks for including my Mexican Crockpot Stoup!

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